1) Born 28th January 1947, at a village, in Tsholotsho

2) Did primary education at Sipepa and Gwayi Primary Schools  from 1954-1964

3) Did secondary school at Cyrene Secondary School from 1965-1968

4) Joined armed struggle under ZIPRA in April 1968 and did military intelligence and communications training in Moscow 1968-1969

5) Holds a Diploma in Co-operative, History and Management, Loughborough Co-op College, 1974-1976 UK

6) Holds a BSc Hon. Degree in Economics, Public Administration and Political Science - Nottingham Trent Polytechnic, UK

7) Holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Economics - Nottingham University, 1980-1981, UK

8) Holds of a Master of Business Administration - MANCOSA

9) Civil Servant in Zimbabwe from 1980-1995

10) Tsholotsho MP 1995-2000

11) Zimbabwe Ambassador to Zambia, 2001-2004

12)Former Governor and Resident Minister - Bulawayo Metropolitan Province from 2004 to September 2013

13) Former Minister of State for Provincial Affairs- Matabeleland North Province September 2013 to 2018

14) Former Minister of War Veterans- October 2017 to November 2017

15) Former Minister of Home Affairs and Culture Heritage September 2018 to November 2019

16) Current Minister of Primary and Secondary Education

17) Ndebele and English poet, playwright, author of short stories, author of over 15 books in politics, economics, political economy and literature, fine artist

18) Married and has seven children

19) A member of the ZANU PF Central Committee

20) Former Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity, ZANU PF Politburo

21) Current Secretary for Lands and Resettlement- ZANU PF Politburo

22) The Mathemas are Nguni who came to Zimbabwe with king Mzilikazi in 1839, one of king Mzilikazi’s senior commanders from Zululand was Somhlolo Mathema.

23) Conversant in Ndebele, Shona, English and Nyanja            



Some of the Publications by Ndabazekhaya Cain Ginyilitshe Mathema since 1984

  1. For the past thirty five years or so the Hon Minister has written and published more than twenty five tittles of books, in addition to numerous articles in newspapers and magazines like The Sunday Mail, The Patriot, The Chronicle, The Sunday News, The Journal for Social Change.
  2. The books and articles cover a variety of subject areas like political economy, economics, poetry, politics, arts development studies, philosophy and religious studies.   

The book titles include the following:

  1. Silubhekise Ngaphi? Published by College Press in 1985, and reprinted in 1986 and 2001. This is a Ndebele play about what  we do next after gaining political power. This is a political economy book.


  1. Zimbabwe's Economy Must be Owned by All of us Together.  It was published by Tepp Marketing Publishers and Distributors in 2007. This book was first serialised by The Chronicle newspaper for twelve weeks, every Monday from 1st May 2006, and also Spot FM. This again is a political economy and development studies book.


  1. Zimbabwean Emigrants - The Truth and Deliberate Misinformation. Published by the University of Zimbabwe Publications in 2009. The book is about why Zimbabweans and citizens of other counties leave their countries for greener pastures at all. The book says US multinationals were the biggest in the world at the time, and therefore they had the funds to employ the best brains and skills from any other country; it also argues that the South African economy at the time was the most developed and industrialised in Africa, hence it was able to attract all sorts of professional, skilled and non-skilled people from Zimbabwe and other African countries.


  1. We Trade Across the Zambezi. Published by the University of Zimbabwe Publications in 2008. This book is part of Hon Minister’s  MBA dissertation which was written to try and prove that the Chiluba government of Zambia was wrong in banning fourteen  Zimbabwean products on the Zambian market in 2002.



  1. Zimbabwe Diverse, But One. Published by Tepp Marketing and distributers in 2013. This book was an effort in fighting against tribalism in Zimbabwe, that in fact a good percentage of Zimbabweans are relatives one way or the other in spite the fact that they belong to different tribes; the book also shows how tribalism is disastrous for the country and is used by former colonising countries to continue dominating the economy and tribal politics of their former colonies- it encourages Zimbabweans to understand that Zimbabwe is ours together, in our diversity.  The book was first serialised by The Patriotic newspapers in Harare for over a year.


  1. Umsebenzi Kawukho, a Ndebele play published by Zimbabwe Publishing House (ZPH) (it has been one of the literature books at Lupane State University). This book is about a boy in Bulawayo who passes his “O” levels very well but fails to be employed. So he decides to go back home in Tsholotsho to start commercial farming at his father’s communal land farm.


  1.  I defend The Zimbabwe Defence and Security Forces, published by Tepp Marketing, Publishers and Distributors in 2017, but having been serialized by The Patriot newspaper for a year long before the intervention by Zimbabwe’s defence in November 2017, in fact it was published  three weeks before that event . The book shows that the defence forces are constitutional forces that have to defend the country from foreign and local enemies, that is the role of every state (the army, police, intelligence, government, judiciary and parliament) in the world, that is why Britain all state organs are dominated by graduates of Oxford, Cambridge and Sandhurst military academy


  1.  History of Zimbabwe from Hunter- Gathers to 2011, published by Tepp Marketing in 2017. This is a history book as well as a political economy and cultural book.


  1.  l Worship King Mzilikazi, published by Mathema Publishers in 2018. This book is a biography of King Mzilikazi as well as philosophy book as it also looks as religion and the origins of human beings.


  1.  Conversation With my River is one poem of 52 pages by the Hon Minister . The poem is about how the river influenced the Hon Minister and his political life and some of his thoughts on a large number of subject areas, development issues, music, culture, politics, love, etc.


  1. A Song to Bathabetsoe Diana Nare Mathema. Published by Mathema Publishers in 2017.


  • Other titles of the Hon Minister include WEALTH AND POWER, published by College Press in 1998, ULIMI LWAMI published by College Press in 1998, IMIVUNDLA KAGWAYI: LEZINYE INDATSHANA ZABOKHEKHE, published by Mambo Press in 2003,  ZANU PF AND ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE; I DREW FOR THE LIBERATION STRUGGLE; I JOIN THE ZANU PF LIBERATION STRUGGLE, published in 2018 by Mathema Publishers, VOICES OF THE NYANGA MOUNTAINS, a collection of English poems published by Multimedia Publication, SOCIALISM AND CHRISTIANITY.