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Ministry launches COVID-19 Response Plan

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) has launched the Education Sector COVID-19 Response Plan (ESCRP) which proposes measures to be adopted to limit the exposure to the disease and reduce the probability of its transmission amongst learners, teachers, staff and

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Understanding the School Improvement Grant

What is School Improvement Grant (SIG)?

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Now Available : A Guide: Tips for Schools to support Learners and...

The Zimbabwe School Health Policy provides a broad frame of reference to guide the implementation of several health-related issues relevant to the welfare of learners in the school s

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School Improvement grant reaches 4357 schools and 1,559,963 lear...

So far in 2019, the School Improvement Grant Programme (SIG) has reached 4357 schools  and 1,559,963 learners and with a total disbursement of US$10,082,000.The School Improvement Grant Programme aims at providing financially constrained schools with

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